Dress Code


We feel that in order to be a successful dancer, you must dress like a dancer. 

All Earle Cobb dancers are required to wear appropriate attire to class. Cover-ups must be worn over leotards to and from the studio. Dance shoes should not be worn to and from the studio.  Street shoes will not be allowed on the studio floor.  Deodorant is a must. Hair must be pulled out of the face in a ponytail or bun. The dress code will be strictly enforced. The dress code is designed so that teachers can observe that the dancer is utilizing proper alignment and muscles in class.  A student who wears inappropriate clothing to dance class will be given one warning.  A student who continues to wear inappropriate clothing will not be allowed to participate in class. 


Pink ballet shoes with elastic, any color leotard and tights.  Boys should wear black ballet shoes, and appropriate dancewear.  Hair should be worn pulled back from the face and off their shoulders. Pointe shoes will not be worn in ballet class.


Black tap shoes (patent leather shoes should have elastic instead of ties), any color leotard and tights.  Boys should wear appropriate dancewear.

2010 - present

Jazz/ Lyrical/ Bop

Tan jazz shoes and any color leotard with tights, jazz pants or leggings.


2010 - present

Black sneakers, comfortable and modest clothing - NO JEANS.


Acro Dance

Leotard and shorts.  If tights are worn they need to be footless or covertible so dancers can take class in their bare feet.