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About Us

Founded in 1929 by Earle and Dorothy Cobb, the Earle Cobb Dance Studio started with little more than a handful of students in a small, second-floor studio over a grocery store on the corner of North Flores and Woodlawn. Since then, the studio has grown, educating over 500 students a year in a state of the art custom new facility with 5 dance studios, as well as parent observation windows and seating.


Through it all, from the Charleston step of its Jazz Age beginnings to today’s lively hip hop, the excitement of tap and jazz, and the beauty of ballet and pointe, the studio has made sure that dance is—above all else—fun. More than anything, the Earle Cobb Dance Studio is about the joy of dancing—an art that, when taught with the care it deserves, naturally instills poise, grace, strength and self-assurance in its young students.


Age appropriate instruction that combines attention to detail with a kind, enthusiastic attitude has made the Earle Cobb Dance Studio the dance home of three generations of San Antonio Dancers. Our philosophy has always been “Smile and have fun!” and we’re still saying it to this day!  We look forward to meeting your dancer. Come join us!

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